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I adore glitter. I think as humans, when we see something shiny, we gravitate towards it. Lately the newest trend I have been noticing is glitter. However, it is being used in some really unique ways as of late and has a little more of a disheveled look to it. Today's post will be all about the history of glitter, glitter throughout the ages, and the latest trends in glitter makeup!

Evolution of Glitter
Time: 1934
Place: Bernardsville,NEW JERSEY (i am from NJ so the pride is through the roof rn)
Evolution: A machinist by the name of Henry Ruschmann invented the process of grinding plastic. This resulted in large quantities of glitter and his company is still a large producer of it to this day!

Glitter Through the Ages 

1930s/40s/50s: This was the era of costume in film! From flapper dresses to beautiful gowns, glitter and sparkle was seen as a the stuff of Hollywood magic.

1960's/70's: Although used in makeup, much of the glitter from this time was used to adorn everyday items from platform shoes, to drums, and especially clothes (think Diana Ross, Cher, Bowie, Elton John), glitter was a lifestyle.

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1980s: Glitter use was definitely at an all time high during this time. From 80's hair metal bands to valley girls, glitter was used anywhere and everywhere (anyone else wish they were a teen in the 80s? no? just me? okay moving on......). I also commend the 80's hair metal bands for their overall use of makeup in general!

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1990's: Having been an actual 90's kid myself, I can say glitter was POPPIN in the 90s. Brands like Bonne Bell and Lipsmackers made a variety of glitter infused lipglosses during this time. Once again Gwen Stefani was at the forefront of the glitter trend! The trendy store the Limited Too also put out a line of glitter makeup, glitter infused body sprays, and lotions just in case you didn't have enough glitter on yourself already.

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Early 2000's: Who could forget the era of Pop Princesses? Britney, Christina, Ashanti, Pink, and Destiny's Child were all about glitter. However, I should mention the glitter of this time was a lot more frosty! Frosty hues of baby blue and silver were extremely popular during this time.

serendipitous sweets: The best beauty looks to wear to holiday parties this year, here::

Today: Glitter had a brief hiatus for a while. I felt as though I was only seeing it among the makeup artist world. My former coworkers at Sephora rocked glitter, but glitter was a part of our everyday life because we practically lived in a makeup store. How about every day people? Well now its back and seen as tres chic among fashion elite.

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How to Wear Glitter: The latest trends for glitter is a bare face coupled with a subtle smattering of glitter. I enjoy the bare face with glitter because glitter is already a bold choice, and beating your face along with it can have a Miss Piggy effect (although I do enjoy a full face of makeup). This light touch of glitter has a youthful feel because of the effortless application and carefree attitude that comes along with it. Below are a few great choices if looking to embark on a glitter journey.

Glitter Party
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