Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Foundation Nation

I kept hearing about Tarte's new foundation and HAD TO try it for myself. I have been an avid user of Tarte for years and was excited to see a new liquid foundation in their line. Usually their foundations tend to be mattifying, but their new collection is focused on moisturizing, which is right up my alley. Let's take a look at my new fave shall we?

Beauty Breakdown

  • What it is: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation
  • What it does: Hydrating foundation 
  • Coverage: Medium-Full
  • Why I love it: It is buildable, meaning I can add more to my face without it getting cakey! It is also non pore clogging, a major plus
  • Background: Tarte is known for using unique ingredients in their products, from amazonian clay, to maracuja oil, they have all natural and vegan down to a science. The Rainforest of the Sea foundation uses 20% water, Vitamin E, and a blend of algae and marine flower extract that all help your skin appear healthy and hydrated. 
  • Price: $39

Thursday, March 3, 2016

February Favorites

Another month down and more beauty favorites have been added to the list. No time to waste, I want to get down to business!...............

Beauty Breakdown..................

  • What it is: MAC blush in Melba 
  • What it does: Matte blush, Soft coral peach 
  • Why I love it: It's subtle but build-able, best of both worlds.
  • How I use it: I like to use it for work, since it has no shine it doesn't come across as over bearing, heavy makeup is not necessary when you work at a preschool! 
  • Price: $22

  • What it is: Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizing Veil
  • What it does: Highlighting Powder for the face
  • Why I love it: Although a powder, it is has a wonderfully smooth and creamy texture to it. All of Josie's products are made with Argan Oil, so it is no surprise here that argan oil is used in her powders too. It gives a radiant glow to the skin, making me appear refreshed, gotta love that. 
  • When I use it: I like using this to set my makeup as opposed to a regular setting powder. I have dry skin and never realized I should probably be using a hydrating powder, rather than a mattifying one. I can use a matte primer, but a mattifying powder on top of that is just asking for trouble. 
  • Price: $30, I did receive this as a deluxe sample, but I will definitely be buying the full size once my sample is done!! 

  • What it is: Trader Joe's Tea Tree Oil Face Pads
  • What it does: Facial pads infused with tea tree oil to remove oil, dirt, and prevent breakouts on the face and body
  • Why I love it: Tea Tree Oil is salicylic acid's gentle cousin. I decided to go with this natural anti-bacterial after some awful break outs post Costa Rica. It is effective without irritating my skin and I saw results immediately
  • When I use it: I have been using this every other day, post face wash. Unlike other facial pads, this one does need to be washed off with cold water afterwards. I use this in "target areas" that need some extra love, like my nose and cheek area
  • Price: $3.99 (gotta love TJ's prices)

  • What it is: Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation in Nude 40
  • What it does: Soft Matte foundation with a hydrating finish (miracles do happen)
  • Why I love it: There are so many amazing things about this foundation. 1. the coverage is incredible, 2.it truly is both matte AND hydrating, how you ask? Two all star ingredients: dimethicone and glycerine. Dimethicone is found in most primers, due to its smoothing properties. In this case, the dimethicone helps smooth lines but also mattifies. The glycerine, which is found in most skin care, gives it the moisturizing boost it needs. I tend to be dry, so I do not prime with this product, but for you oily gals, you may need to use a primer too or a strong setting powder. 
  • When I use it: It is full coverage so I have been using it only for nights out with friends, and also because I want to save every last drop of this gem. However, I have worn it to work before and didn't feel like it was too much. 
  • Price: $10.99 (incredible price point) 

Final Thoughts.....As I get older, I have noticed my skin changing quite a bit.It is a lot more dry than it ever used to be and it can no longer handle the beating it once endured from late nights out and a lack of a skin care regime once I got home. That being said, I have realized that it's OKAY. It is all about taking a deep breathe and finding a new balance. Just tweak your routine and slowly implement new things into it. I am so happy I tried the Josie Maran face powder, because now I know what my skin agrees to, same goes for the facial wipes! Listen to your skin ladies. Also, with school rearing its ugly head again, my posts will be down to one a week. As much as I would love to do this as my full time job, it does not pay the bills and school has to come first! I hope you visit regardless and keep up with me on IG and Pinterest, since I am very active on both. :)

With Love,