Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Microbangs: A History Lesson

I have had bangs on and off for a few years. One year, I was cutting them on my own and they turned into microbangs. Before ManRepeller was branded, I simply equated man repellent with the micro bang. Why you ask? Well, they are quite unconventional but you also can't look away from them. I decided to pay tribute to this alternative style because I feel a huge part of myself lies within it. Even when my bangs are longer, I still love all that it stands for. So here it goes, without further a-do I bring you the history of the MICROBANG.

Beauty Breakdown
What are microbangs? Also known as "baby bangs", they are bangs typically cut several inches above the eyebrows
Origin? There isn't much info about these bangs, but from my research I can say with confidence this look is a refined version of the Bettie Page bangs. Although silent actress Louise Brooks began this trend, it really didn't revive itself until Bettie came along. Funnily enough, Page only cut her bangs this way at the request of a photographer who thought her forehead was reflecting too much light during a photo shoot. 
Media Exposure: Over time, the ongoing theme with this type of look was that it was typically affiliated with the alternative scene. Whether it was Kathleen Hanna singing with Bikini Kill, Winona Ryder as Lydia Deetz, or Shannyn Sossamon in pretty much every movie she has ever been in, this look was often shared by the strong, misunderstood heroine. 
Model Behavior: Now I can not mention these bangs without mentioning fashion shows. From Alexander Wang to Marc Jacobs, many designers have featured this type of style in their shows. These designers are also typically the less conservative of fashion labels, further driving the idea that this style of hair is reserved for the alternative.
Honorable Mention: Drew Barrymore, who is the unspoken pixie flower queen of the 90's, Krysten Ritter, who has been rocking these bangs on television for quite some time, Hayley Williams, for having thee shortest microbangs I have ever seen, and Grimes, everyone's favorite new it gal.

90's Microbangs 

Modern Microbangs in Hollywood

Microbangs in Fashion

Final Thoughts: This style isn't for many, but if you want to try something new and feel up to it, I would say try these bangs out. No, it is not a conventional beauty look, but do you really want to look a certain way only because it's what others are comfortable with? Make them all uncomfortable and cut em off! Tell your hairdresser Gabby sent ya ;) 

Here is a video on how to do these bangs yourself, cut at your own risk.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Beauty on a Budget

It's that time again...Beauty Budget Buys, because who doesn't like saving money? It's no shock that matte liquid lips are a huge trend that isn't going away anytime soon. Many companies have quickly been pushing out their versions of the matte trend, so I decided to give a few a try. When I began working in makeup, Stila, was really the only brand around that was marketing the matte lip trend. Their most popular color at the time was Fiery, a bright fire engine red color. However, nudes and browns have really made headway and are now the colors at the forefront of this trend.

So why matte? Matte lips are appealing because of their longevity, especially when you want to wear bold colors. Bold colors have a tendency to "bleed" if of a creamy consistency, so it is no surprise that a matte finish seems like a better idea.

Trend Watching
A notable mention would be Kylie Jenner, who for whatever reason, helped catapult this trend into almost border line matte lip obsession. I am older, so the Kylie craze isn't really all that appealing to me, but I do think her makeup artists do a fantastic job and should be praised for quality beauty work! 

So what liquid lip did I try? The Nyx Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick  (say that 10x's fast), full breakdown below.......

Beauty Breakdown
What it is: Nyx Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick 
Colors: Corset and Teddy
What it does: Lipstick that applies like a lip gloss and finishes matte
Why I love it: Love is a strong word, currently I like these lipsticks, as far as color pay off goes, but they are not as long wear as I thought they would be. However, they are really soft and do not dry out the lips which is a huge plus. No flaking here! Corset is a grey, almost purple color and Teddy is a chocolate brown.  

Final Thoughts: Although not as long wear as I'd like, I am going to try using a lip liner with these lipsticks, to maybe give it the extra long wear push it needs. Also, I know these trends are fun but do not feel obligated to try them. If you simply want to experiment, cool, but do not feel like you need to look like everyone on the internet. As of late, there has been this bizarre explosion of girls who frankly, look like carbon copies of one another. Try beauty trends out for fun but maintain some originality, please? We need more chicks out there like that. I know I tend to sound like I preach a bit, but I just understand how overwhelming content on IG can seem. I think makeup should be fun, not a rat race to get followers and achieve a false sense of self. Be yourself and the rest will come naturally, I swear.

Below I have also listed other matte lip options from affordable brands just like Nyx, enjoy! 

With Love,

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

NYFW:A History Lesson

It's that time of year again.....New York Fashion Week! Before the days of internet streaming, I remember turning on New York One (how I had access to it, I still don't know) and eagerly waiting for them to broadcast the shows from NYFW. Some can afford the clothes and are in the fashion scene, others want to be designers, but I just wanted to be inspired. I always enjoyed looking at the designers entire aesthetic and thought process behind their designs. To some, it is simply tall, slender models walking down the runway in clothes, but for me it was an entire package and insight into a creative person's world. From hair, to makeup and accessories, to the final garment, a lot of hard work goes into each show. With NYFW starting tomorrow, I was inspired to make the next few days about celebrating all that is Fashion Week.

Fashion Week Breakdown

When it started: 1942
Originally known as: Press Week
How it came to be: Fashion Week was typically reserved for Parisian designers, but due to WWII it became difficult for journalists and the like to travel over seas to scope out the latest designs. Eleanore Lambert, known for working at the first American fashion magazine (New York Dress Institute) decided to bring Paris to the US. However, instead of using Parisian designers, designers from the US would be showcased instead, finally putting America on the map in the world of fashion.
Gaining Momentum: By the 1950's and several "press week's" later, the US version of Fashion Week turned into the "Press Week of New York". US designers also were becoming noticed by the editors of Vogue Magazine, who began to feature US designers more and more.
Known for: By 1993 the CFDA decided to consolidate all of the shows in close proximity to one another, by housing the shows in the now famous "white tents", first held in Bryant Park.
Business Branding: NYFW is a sponsors gold mine. IMG knew this and bought NYFW from the CFDA. Since then, NYFW has gone through sponsors like Olympus and was once even known as Olympus Fashion Week (I vaguely remember this, and to be honest that name had a horrible ring to it). Mercedes-Benz stepped in in 2007-2015. Their current sponsor is MADE and has gone from Lincoln Center to Spring Studios.

Pictured: Dior Show from 1955, courtesy of smithsonian.com

Pictured: The famous "white tents" of NYFW courtesy of nytimes.com

Common Questions

When is NYFW: It is typically the second week of February and the first week of September. Click here  for this week's schedule and live streaming.
Staying ahead of the crowd: So if you want to know what might be on trend for the Spring, then you will need to go and look at the shows from September. Why? Because fashion designers are ahead of the curve! They predict the trends and showcase them a season ahead of time. This week's shows will be for, you guessed it, Fall 2016. If you are looking for inspiration for Spring look at September's shows but if you love Fall and everything about it, I would definitely recommend tuning in all this week!
Designers: There are many heavy hitters that show case every year, like Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schuler, Alexander Wang, Tommy Hilfiger, and so on....BUT they also showcase recent graduates from Parsons and FIT, which is an awesome time to see up and coming designers who may be the next big thing.

Final Thoughts:
Not much to say here! I suggest tuning in to NYFW if you never have and start getting inspired! No, you do not need to go and buy the clothes, it isn't about that. Look at it as a live art show rather than the walk of vanity and consumerism. Yes, there are many sponsors, and advertisers go crazy for this coveted week, but in the end it is all about the designers and their exquisite visions. Stay tuned this week for many more posts about NYFW!

With Love,

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Beauty on a Budget

After a trip to Costa Rica, I am back and ready to dazzle you with some beauty budget buys! My boytoy recently traveled to the UK for work, and like a good sport he brought me back some makeup goodies. A cool perk about traveling, aside from learning about a new place and new experiences is also discovering what they have to offer as far as their own beauty items go. UK drugstore's are a power house in my eyes, Boots being my favorite, and luckily for me that's exactly where my guy picked me up some things! Read on to learn about my new favorite UK products as well as two extra beauty budget goodies I bought stateside......

Beauty Budget Breakdown
What it is: Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow, only available in the UK
Colors: 40-Permanent Taupe and 65-Pink Gold 
What it does: Can be used by itself, as a base that you can use to layer with other eyeshadows, and as a cream liner on the top or lower lash line
Why I love it: They are high quality cream shadows, long lasting, do not crease, a fair price point, and have a great variety of colors
Great for: Hot climates, whether on vacation or if you live in an area with high temps
Fun Fact: The US sells these too, BUT they do not offer matte colors like the UK does. They are still awesome and I can do a review on the ones I own from the US in the future. 
Price: $6.99

What it is: Wet n Wild Color Icon Glitter
Colors: Brass and Groupie
What it does: Used on lid for added dimension, add to lipsticks, or for costume makeup
Why I love it: I originally was skeptical about these. From what I've heard, the Glitter Injections Pressed Glitter is better. However, I saw a Jeffree Star Drugstore Tutorial  recently where he used Brass and it looked awesome. I love glitter and want to use it as much as I can because someday it might not look as flattering! 
Price: 0.99 (best price ever)

Final Thoughts:
Do not be bogged down by luxury brands! I can not say this enough! I have some luxury items that I do love, but having a bias against brands because of a name or a price point is just silly. I would try any and every makeup brand if my bank account allowed it. It's so much fun seeing what every brand has to offer. Get out of your high end box and branch out, I assure you that you'll be pleasantly surprised. :) Also, New York Fashion Week is coming up, STAY TUNED for what I have in store about one of the best weeks of the year! 

With Love,

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